CAM Editing products

Develop dedicated PCB CAM editing software using the most advanced technology, making CAM editing more convenient and easier for PCB manufacturers.Simplify traditional manual processes, whether it is rapid proofing or mass production, which can improve work efficiency.

Eastek offers you in CAM editing:

  • Automatically input multiple PCB design format files.
  • Automatically correct defects and compensate them.
  • Powerful multi-functional design tools and modules.
  • Rapid, high-performance CAM editing work environment.
  • Humanize user interface.
  • Computer system cross-platform support.

ezCAM Smart editing product

The first smart PCB CAM software developed in Taiwan

  • Support all types of rigid board, flexible board, rigid-flex board, IC carrier board and HDI editing function.
  • Support 64-bit platform to break through memory limitations.
  • Support Chinese and English and multi-languages interface.
  • The ODB++ database is used and the IPC-2581 format is provided in neutral standard.
  • Support central database management to store customer’s Gerber, Shipping Panel, Working Panel, Multi Panel, etc.
  • parameter modular and automated CheckList links DRC, DFM, providing efficient editing.
  • Support for customized scripts to achieve editing automation and standardization.
  • Support AutoCAD DXF SPLINE automatic conversion and output high precision DXF.
  • Provides high efficiency dragging and dropping function to input Gerber folder which includes Gerber, DXF, ODB++ and TGZ .
    Provides moreover the classification management function.
  • Provides convenience mouse wheel Zoom in & out, unit size scale display.
  • Intimate tools include V-Cut editing, stamp hole editing, Layer Data Show, Undo, Redo and AutoArchive, etc.
  • Support for the development of CAM customization features.

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