PCB Equipment data automatic collection system

  • PCB software and hardware automatic data interception system.
  • PCB Industry 4.0 Intelligent Project Development.
  • Customized database, data analysis and elastic report output.

MES(Manufacturing Execution System)製造執行系統

  • Improve productivity and eliminate manual work issues.
  • WIP production control, providing instant inventory information.
  • Simultaneous production record and production quality tracking.
  • Production process handling management, which reduces the inventory of factory operations.
  • Fast and correct information comes from automated data collection.
  • Monitors instant production status.
  • Efficient quality management.
  • Instant information collection.
  • Get reliable information online.
  • Production planning and process management.
  • Collect data via wired and wireless networks.

ITS(Information Tracing System) 追蹤作業系統

Automated management IC carrier production batch control without manual scraping. Read single-PCS defects via 2D barcodes and record archives. Meanwhile, it is output to the side of the IC carrier board via the laser printer, and provides the defect information to the customer, thereby enhancing the customer’s confidence in the yield control by the system operation.

  • Instant defect information management.
  • Reduce quality control costs.
  • Improve customer trust.
  • Can track production batch history, whether it is Working Panel,
    Shipping Panel, or Single pcs.