PCB Electric OS Tester

ezCAT-PCB best electrical test production software

The unique electrical test products can be selected according to the needs of different work levels, helping to be more precise in fixtures production and screen maintenance. Check the quality of your products and get more orders.

Eastek Software ezCAT O/S series products include the following features:

  • Bare Board electrical test fixture making software with the highest market share.
  • Support for the production of various test fixtures and test programs for different devices.
  • Support the latest embedded capacitance and resistance test methods. Also a variety of customized functions.
  • Support a variety of 4-wire tester point selection and pairing mode for wire probe fixtures.
  • Support 64-bit network analysis, no memory limitation. Can handle large gerber efficiently.
  • The best Grid tester software for assign pin to tester grid, considering for 3D strength balancing of grid tester, in order to improve Grid tester stability.

ezFixture -The best of net-list analysis and tester point software

  • Precision electrical net-list analysis tool to assist PCB test operations and eliminate all defective products.
  • Support all the flying probe tester machines such as: atg, EMMA, HIOKI, LENS, L&M,
    Mania, Microcraft, Miyachi, Probot, SEICA, VizTek, etc. The software has the widest
    applicability and the lowest cost of education and training!

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ezGrid Universal assign to grid tester software

  • The best HDI PCB solutions for Grid tester & combo tester.

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ezProbe Dedicated fixture software

  • Dedicated fixtures (Dedicated probe pin fixtures, conductive rubber fixtures, etc.)
    Smart auxiliary fixture software for quick fixture design.

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ezCAR Off-line repair refect board

  • Support the defect files format of the most marketing tester machine,
    fast test points and net-list query, quickly help you find the defect location.

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ezMap Computer Aided winding software

  • Provide a variety of quick and convenient features to assist you in winding jobs.

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ezRecheck two step test or retest optimization software

  • Improve the efficiency of retesting- Reduce the lead time spent by the test machine in the first step,
    so that the retest board can be quickly tested and shipped.