Adjust the copper and gold pad ratio to increase production yield

  • Copy copper gold layers and the same Pad to the new layer, you can adjust the copper and gold percentage to output.
  • Early response to the customer R&D Engineering Department to modify the design to increase yield and reduce the number of Sample versions.
  • Increase production yield and save costs to enhance PCB’s ability to compete for orders.

Calculate the ratio of copper area and immersion gold area of the network

  • Provide CAM editing work ability such as define layer attributes, polarity reverse, mirror, X, Y rotation, copy, delete, pan, alignment, layout,
    Draw Pad, add Pad or Line, etc.
  • Automatically calculate the exposed copper area or immersion gold area after the network green paint.

Support various of formats and easy operation

  • Support RS-274X, UCAM DPF, ODB++, TGZ Read in various PCB CAM formats.

Find out in advance the over-etching of the OSP process

  • Netlist analysis automatically calculates copper/gold area ratio. Find out in advance the over-etching of the OSP process.
  • Improve IMG, IMS, production of mobile phone boards / PDA, PCB, etc. OSP process yield.