Support various of formats and easy operation

  • Chinese and English Windows operating systems, taking into account humanized operations.
  • Support RS-274X, ODB++ / TGZ format input.

The distance between two points can be arbitrarily marked

  • Support Orig, PCB, Panel Any Step marking operation.
  • Can be marked as absolute / relative coordinates, X or Y axis mark at the same time and also the distance between any two points of the arc.

Automatic analysis statistical chart

  • Can mark point-to-point distance or X, Y vertical distance.
  • Can refer to other layers, such as drilling layers to mark.
  • Support mouse right click quick editing function.
  • Automatic classification and mapping statistical management after labeling, for future output of 3D measuring machine program.

A variety of marking methods can be clearly presented

  • Can output any Printer and PDF format.
  • Can be added to the Box line, tool hole, add round Pad, any size of Chinese or English text work.
  • Automatic check for error prompts if overlapping labels. Support different marking with color, size, etc.