Support variety of cutting size automatic layout design

  • Support PCB / HDI design and segmentation multiple lamination, cutting size and edge layout design.
  • Support Array shipping size and cutting different working size or AB layout design.
  • Notebook PCB production, multi-layer PCB merge board design.
  • Support PCB / HDI mirror board design.

Muti-Jobs Merge layout design to improve board utilization

  • Support fast proofing PCB factory, Multi-Jobs merge layout design to improve the optimal utilization rate of materials.
  • Actuarial PCB shipments produce optimal utilization, save costs, and enhance PCB’s ability to compete for orders.
  • Can output JPG images, MS Excel or PDF printing.

Automatic calculation of actual optimal layout utilization

  • Automatically calculate the actual optimal layout utilization, automatically link ezAutoCoupon software.
  • Actual number of test impedance Coupon and sizes.
  • Various base materials and material sizes, pre-stored system database.
  • Automatically consider the gold finger plating rack to keep the edge design work.
  • Chinese and English screen operating system, easy to learn, easy to use, good operation.
  • Support RS-274X, UCAM DPF, ODB++, TGZ Read in various PCB CAM formats.