• Automatically read in ODB++, DPF, RS-274X format
  • Automatically calculate and find the best cost. Board thickness tolerance and impedance RMS tolerance all meet the specifications of the design combination.
  • Support PCB Impedance trial calculation software: Polar CITS25, Si6000, Si8000, Si9000
  • Material library, design rules, automatic filtering jobs, MS SQL Server database jobs.
  • Automatic stackup design to calculate Gerber residual copper ratio.
  • Support pre-production / design engineering DFM manufacturing capacity analysis to assist business of confirm engineering operations.
  • Automatic finished and semi-finished trials stack impedance design to improve production process yield.
  • Manual designation of stacking material and impedance parameters design. Also have the computer automatic calculation.
  • PCB pre-production / design engineering department, SOP standard operation flow.

Can be used for trial calculation of finished and semi-finished products’ impedance.

  • Automatic finished impedance and semi-finished impedance calculation to improve the yield of impedance board production.

Stack impedance calculation results can be reported

  • The stack impedance calculation result list can be output for the sales department to quote.