Pre-engineering planner System

Combine advanced engineering technology with advanced pre-engineering planner tools. Comprehensive PCB automatic pre-engineering software, assisting PCB in rapidly changing manufacture environments to reduce production costs from the design side.

  • Comprehensive PCB system integration, workflow optimization.
  • Automatically input multiple PCB files.
  • Automatically analyze, arrange, and calculate production materials to provide the best results.
  • Optimize the pre-engineering planner process and reduce production costs.
  • User-friendly interface, ease of use.

ezPlan/ezFlex Pre-engineering planner automatic software

Pre-engineering planner expert system

  • Systematic, standardized, and optimized pre-engineering planner is a common requirement in the PCB industry today.
  • Help the production line to maximize performance, effectively reduce material and production costs
  • The concept of expert system, the design Know-How is built into the system.
  • More than 70 factories and more than 1000 users
  • Support elastic customize development to work with CAM software and ERP system quickly communicate and transfer data.
  • With the development of new processes or the introduction of new devices, new features that meet the needs are constantly being added.
  • Support HDI structure, Any layer structure, Bump process, laser drilling, special stack up, and Multi-jobs layout, etc.
  • Complete solution for pre-engineering planner.
  • A bridge linking all relevant systems and resources.
  • The best system to enhance design and production efficiency.
  • Can be connected to PlanCAM, in order to reduce CAM error rate and improve efficiency.

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