High precision durable Wire Probe

  • Suitable for 4-wire, HDI, IC Substrate, FPCB and other Open/Short fixtures.
  • The probe contact surface is treated with gold plating.
  • The probe is made of epoxide as an insulating layer, which can effectively block micro electric current.
  • Excellent electrical and mechanical performance, probe quality is tested by durability and testing ability. High probe durability.

Wire Probe specification

  • HS wire probe tip Tungsten Au-Plating diameter specifications is Φ40um ~ Φ110um
    and the tip of the insulation exposed length can also be designed according to customer requirements.
  • Use the F.E.M (Finite Element Method) analysis to create the most suitable design.
    We can provide the best product quality and solution for the functions of Contact Pressure and testing.